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Company Overview

Underground Solutions is an infrastructure technology and pipeline rehabilitation company. UGSI has developed and continues to develop unique and proprietary technologies focused on the underground infrastructure industry. UGSI's Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905®, FPVC® and Duraliner™ products contain a proprietary PVC formulation that, when combined with UGSI's patented fusion process, results in a monolithic, fully restrained, gasket-free, leak-free piping system. Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905®, FPVC® and Duraliner™ are NSF-61 certified, comply with AWWA C900 and C905 standards and cover a full range of piping diameters from 4 inch to 36 inch (with larger sizes in development) and provide the only available method of installing a continuous, monolithic, gasket-free PVC pipe or conduit capable of being used in numerous trenchless or conventional "open-cut" applications including:

  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Pipe bursting
  • Sliplining
  • Direct bury/Open trench

Fusible PVC™ can be swept through curves without the need of mechanical fittings

Applications for this technology cover every aspect of piping installations including both pressure and non-pressure situations in the water, sewer, electrical, industrial and telecommunications industries. Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905®, FPVC® and Duraliner™ pipe have been installed at over 2000 sites throughout the US, Canada, New Zealand and Mexico.

The Underground Solutions Fusion Process: Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905® and FPVC® have distinctive properties allowing full strength butt fusion joints. While other thermoplastic materials have been fused routinely, the Underground Solutions PVC field fusion process incorporates a patented combination of heat, pressure and time while using industry standard fusion machines to create the unique high strength joint.

UGSI product lines meet:

  • AWWA C900/C905 requirements
  • NSF-61 and NSF-14 certifications
  • ASTM cell classification 12454
  • Formulation requirements of Plastic Pipe Institute TR-2

Material, mechanical and installation advantages for Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905® and FPVC® include:

  • PVC is todays most widely utilized pipe material in the United States
  • Fusible PVC™ pipe provides a monolithic, fully restrained, gasket free, leak-free piping system
  • PVC has superior stiffness (modulus) compared to other plastic pipe which limits long term deformation under soil load
  • High tensile strength (ASTM D638) of the fused joint (up to 7000 psi) allows for higher safe pulling stresses and consequently longer installation pull-in lengths
  • Low wall thickness for given pressure requirement translates into highest flow per outer diameter (OD) dimension
  • Fusible PVC™ has a specific gravity of 1.38 it will not float in a flooded trench
  • PVC material properties have low time dependencies the properties do not change over time no pull-in relaxation period for example
  • Standard waterworks fittings are used to tap, connect and change direction on Fusible PVC™ pipe systems eliminating the use of expensive transition fittings or fused-on fittings
  • PVC resists hydrocarbon permeation better than other thermoplastic pipe systems (AWWA Research Foundation)
  • PVC is more resistant to water disinfectant induced oxidation than other thermoplastic pipe systems
  • PVC has been used for over 50 years owner and contractor familiarity of the pipe is well established

Fusible C-905® can be fused and laid out to allow for a quicker installation       Fusible PVC™ installed across tarmac at the San Francisco Airport