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Pipe Bursting


  • Static Hydraulic Method is used to install Fusible PVC™ pipe by pipe bursting methods
  • A burst head is pulled through existing pipe - fracturing or cutting the pipe as it is advanced
  • Fractured or split existing pipe is pushed into the surrounding soil by an expansion head
  • New Fusible PVC™ pipe, attached to the pipe bursting assembly, is pulled in immediately behind the expansion head
  • Typically done in 300 - 500' increments (~1 hour pull-back time)
  • Utilizes existing alignment - avoids concerns about overcrowded utility corridors and costly inadvertent construction hits that are common with open trench construction
  • Results in the same or larger I.D. (upsizing) as the existing pipe

Overall Schematic of a Pipe Burst Installation


  • Maximum Flow Area: Fusible PVC™ generally offers the largest internal diameter in a pipe bursting material. This leads to a smaller OD for a given ID than other pipe systems, which means a smaller bursting head and less expensive bursting equipment are needed.
  • Superior Material Properties: Fusible PVC™ has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance compared to other pipe systems.
  • Standard Fittings: Fusible PVC™ utilizes standard mechanical joint fittings. No special fittings or equipment are required for connections. As a result, Fusible PVC™ is easy to connect to and maintain.
  • Safe Pulling Allowance: Fusible PVC™ has a safe pulling allowance that is significantly greater than that of most other pipe systems.

Example Projects

Entry pit with pipe bursting expander head installed on Fusible PVC™