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Underground Solutions, Inc.

Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI) provides infrastructure technologies for water, sewer and conduit applications. UGSI's Fusible PVC™ products; Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905®, FPVC® and Duraliner™, as well as ServiceGuard™ Composite Pipe, represent the most innovative approach to pipeline rehabilitation and installation in the past decade.


Product advantages include:

  • PVC is today's most widely utilized pipe material in the United States
  • Fusible PVC™ pipe provides a monolithic, fully restrained, gasket free, leak-free piping system
  • High tensile strength (ASTM D638) of the fused joint (up to 7000 psi) allows for higher safe pulling stresses and consequently longer trenchless pull-in lengths
  • Reduced wall thickness for given pressure requirement translates into highest flow per outer diameter (OD) dimension
  • PVC has superior stiffness (modulus) compared to other plastic pipe which limits long term deformation under soil load
  • PVC material properties have low time dependencies - the properties do not change over time - i.e no pull-in relaxation period
  • Standard waterworks fittings are used to tap, connect and change direction on Fusible PVC™ pipe systems - eliminating the use of expensive transition fittings or fused-on fittings
  • PVC resists hydrocarbon permeation better than other thermoplastic pipe systems
  • PVC is more resistant to water disinfectant induced oxidation than other thermoplastic pipe systems
  • PVC has been used for over 50 years - owner and contractor familiarity of the pipe is well established